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[Event exhibition] We will exhibit at the premium incentive show

The dubplate creation service “CUT & REC” will be held at the Tokyo Big Sight on February 12 (Tuesday)-15 (Fri), 2019, at the 59th International International Marketing & Corporate Gift and Marketing Fair. We will exhibit at the Premium Incentive Show Spring 2019.

At the exhibition booth, sample records will be displayed together with the record player, so it is possible to actually pick up the product and audition it.

We look forward to seeing you there.

* Pre-registration is required to attend. Please check the Premium Incentive Show website for details.

Date held

  • Tuesday, February 12, 2019 10:00 to 18:00
  • Wednesday, February 13, 2019 10:00 to 18:00
  • Thursday, February 14, 2019 10:00 to 18:00
  • Friday, February 15, 2019 10:00 to 16:00


  • Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Hall West 3-4
  • West 3-T09-12 booth

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What is a dubplate? Special meaning and value that only one analog board has

The dub plate (DUB PLATE) that forms the basis of the CUT & REC service. The word "dub plate" itself is not very familiar, and some people may say, "What's different from commercial analog records?" In CUT & REC, there is a place that dare to use this word from the thought that I want the dubplate culture to take root even a little.

Here, I would like to explain the dubplate to solve such a question.

Dubplate culture and its origin

A dub plate is originally one of the types of analog records, and refers to an acetate-made record board with a sound source recorded by a craftsman by "direct cutting", in which grooves are cut directly on the surface of the record one by one. . On the other hand, commercially available analog records are mass-produced industrially by "Record Press", which is a production process in large lots.

The origin of the dubplate goes back to the 60's reggae scene. In the culture of reggae origin, there is a sound system that brings out multiple speakers outdoors and sounds loud. The sound system is the property of each sound crew, and the "sound battle" is a sound crash, in which each crew utters music with loud noise.


In this sound crash, creating an analog record of its own, sounding the sound source, and a style that has spread to give a difference to rivals, it can be said the beginning of dubplate culture. The original record board played at this time was called the "dub plate". It is sometimes called "special" because it means "only one piece in the world".

Why has a single dub plate been used instead of a large amount of common analog records? The reason is speed to completion and manufacturing cost. When it comes to making a regular record, a process called "press" is necessary to mass-produce the mold after cutting the master board. This may take several months to complete, and it will need to be profitable because it will be in the order of hundreds of sheets.


The dubplate has been useful for crews who want to quickly release new sound sources with a sound crash, because of the sense of speed that can be completed by direct cutting and the ease of ordering from one sheet. The dub plate with the independant sound had a special meaning and value not found on commercially available analog records.

Doveplate evolves with the times

At that time, the dubplate was pointing to what was recorded on the acetate board made of chemical fiber, but the low durability of the acetate board is mentioned as a weak point. The surface of the acetate disc, which can be cut directly to the disc surface, is soft, and the sound degrades after 50 times of playback. This is an overwhelmingly lower number of plays compared to commercial vinyl vinyl records.

However, in modern technology, it is possible to cut directly on vinyl chloride board, and its durability is no different from that of commercial records. Not only the number of plays, but also hard DJ play such as backspin, grind and scratch has become possible. Of course, because the CUT & REC's dubplate is also made of vinyl chloride, its durability is equivalent to that of a commercial record.


The meaning of the word “dub plate” has been broadening as well, and originally the original song was called the direct cut to the acetate board as the dub plate, but now it is CD-R and audio files Some original sound sources are also called dubplates.

Also, at present, dubplates made in one or a small lot are pervading not only reggae, but also a wide variety of music genres, including bass music.

Put your important works on a single dubplate in the world

The evolution of technology has also revolutionized the way songs are created and delivered to listeners. With DAW, anyone can easily create music, and audio files have become popular as the final form. It's wonderful that the data of music has made it possible for anyone to publish their music to many people through the Internet.

However, on the other hand, in the Internet where a vast amount of information swirls, songs are treated as data in parallel as usual, so it is easy to be buried in waves of information that is updated daily. Being able to access music easily, it may be that the experience of "playing the sound" is lost. From such a thing, the individuality and the sense of temperature of the work are lost, and there is also a side where it is difficult to convey the original meaning and value that each work has.

That's why, in recent years, analog records have been re-evaluated as music media that can be used to interact with works, and dubplates may be reviewed worldwide as a means of leaving private works by artists.

Photo by Ugaya

CUT & REC is a dubplate service that provides carefully-cut music and messages one by one on a record board (CUT) to make a jacketed analog record (REC).

Shaped records and jackets are the best format to express the world view of the work. And the analog sound that is played from the groove of the dubplate makes you realize how to enjoy the forgotten music.

Want to engrave your music on CUT & REC's dubplate as a work you want to keep as an important record, or as a gift for important people? We will deliver a special experience, dropping needles on only one dubplate in the world.