"CUT" your precious moments and "REC" them in a special way.

CUT&REC is an online service that engraves your audio onto a vinyl record and delivers it to you as an analog record.
Through our services, we provide the value of "CUT" important moments from your musical activities or daily life and "REC" them in a special way.

In modern society, a huge amount of digitized information flows along the timeline, and even great music and people's messages are consumed. Analog records are not only used for musical works, but their roots also served as a recording medium for delivering audio messages. Returning to their essence, we propose private use of analog records for "someone special" or "for your own records."

Analog records are the perfect recording medium for music works, and also a communication tool for delivering audio messages. The listening experience involves getting a feel for the worldview of the work from the record jacket, gently dropping the needle into the grooves of the record, and facing the sound that begins to flow. Listeners can savor this rich time and analog space, and feel the passion and feelings that are put into the record.

The essence of our service is to provide an analog experience of "realism," and we aim to deliver this important value that is often lost in the digital age to as many people as possible.