How to adjust the sound pressure suitable for analog records?

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Since the advent of the iPod, mastering on the assumption of listening to music with earphones has become mainstream, and the sound pressure has become excessively high. In the case of digital, I think that such sound pressure processing should be given top priority, but in the case of records, what is it? Here, I would like to introduce sound pressure processing that is most suitable for records.

Sound pressure adjustment cherish dynamics

At CUT & REC, music of various genres so farDove plateAlthough I was impressed, I feel that dynamics is one of the important elements in order to make a record that is comfortable to listen to.

Dynamics in music refers to intonation, which refers to the intensity of the sound. Although effects such as compressors are used to reduce the strength of the sound and increase sound pressure, increasing the sound pressure results in the loss of dynamics.

Of DJ / composer posted on music media soundropeInterview with Ryota NozakiSo, it was said that it was related to the fact that the main stream of the sound source used by DJ was changed to an audio file that the customers were not staying in the club, but as oneself actually felt, I think that the influence can not be denied.

Records, which are analog media, are played back in succession without being decimated, unlike digital which is played by sampling divided sounds. There are things that can be obtained by listening to records that are close to a live performance. Although it can be said that one of the real pleasures of live is that you can get the impression that is different from the sound source released in digital, one of the effects that brings out the impression of the audience is toning the sound.

In the case of a record, the tonality of the sound is faithfully reproduced because less audio components are lost compared to digital. Therefore, when recording original music on a record, you can create a work that is more emotional and appealing to emotions by mastering using dynamics.

Web service "Landr" that can be easily mastered

Mastering is indispensable as a means to improve the quality of music. Mastering involves adjusting the volume and sound image, and adjusting the sound pressure, but it is not easy for anyone to do. Therefore, although I think that there are many cases where it is requested to a mastering engineer, a budget is also needed accordingly.

Therefore, it is recommended to those who want to master easily, online mastering service "Landr"is. Landr is a monthly mastering service that allows automatic mastering by AI. There are three plans according to usage frequency. For example, if the basic plan is ¥ 400 per month, you can download one automatically mastered WAV file for ¥ 899.

Landr can create and download a master file with the desired mastering from the three sound pressures Low (medium pressure), Medium (high sound pressure), and High (high sound pressure). Before creating a master file, you can compare the differences between the three sound pressures, so select your preferred sound pressure.

Depending on the mix condition of the original sound source, when creating a master file for recording on an analog record, it may be low (bass pressure) or medium (medium sound pressure) that the sound pressure is not too high think.

Landr's preview screen

Landr is mastering for digital, so I asked if it was compatible with recording in analog, I tried cutting with the music mastered in Land, but there was no problem. However, if you feel a lack of mastering in Landr, or if you need a good analog mastering, we recommend that you ask a mastering engineer. By asking an engineer who can work while exchanging opinions, you should be able to achieve an analog record more as you imagine.

Mastering for Analog respects the dynamics. Whether you use Landr or ask an engineer, sound intonation is an important factor in creating a comfortable analog record that you can listen to, so please refer to it.


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