What is the difference between the record rotation speed "33 rotations" and "45 rotations"?

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There are 33 and 45 rotation speeds of the record. What will change depending on the rotation speed? Here, I would like to introduce the differences depending on the number of rotations and their suitability.

45 rotations with excellent sound quality

There is a difference in sound quality at each rotation speed, and it is generally said that 45 rotation is better. Since 45 rotations rotate faster than 33 rotations, for example, if the same song is recorded at each rotation number, the groove engraved at 45 rotations will be longer.

By increasing the length of the groove, the recording area of the song becomes wider, and you can record the sound in a relaxed state. This improves the sound resolution, so recording at 45 rotations will improve the sound quality.

Photo by Ugaya

33 rotations that can be recorded for a long time

If the sound quality is good, you may think that you should record all at 45 rpm. Of course, this is true, but the recordable range of physical media records is limited. At 45 rotations, the recording area becomes larger, so the time that can be recorded is shorter than at 33 rotations.

Therefore, when recording long-time sound sources such as albums, it will inevitably be 33 turns. This is why LPs such as rock, jazz, and classic have 33 rotations. By the way, LP stands for long play.

Also, depending on the genre, there are cases where 33 rotations are preferred regardless of the superiority of sound quality and the reason for long-time recording. For example, in hip-hop, there is a technique called scratching, but due to the good operability of the record when scratching, 33 rotations are the mainstream of the album as well as single. In this way, it is also possible to choose the number of rotations according to the style of the genre.

CUT & REC will support LP versions in the next website update. This will allow you to record a full-length film, so look forward to it!


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