MP3 loses more audio than expected

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Compressed file MP3 is generally used widely because it has a smaller capacity than uncompressed files such as WAV and has advantages in terms of data transmission and portability. The file is compressed in MP3, but what is it lost compared to WAV? In order to know the difference, I cut MP3 and WAV and tried listening comparison.

MP3 loses many voice components

With music media soundrope "Audio format comparison quizWhen I tried to compare MP3 and WAV by this quiz, I did not understand the difference quite easily.

It is difficult to recognize changes in sound quality by comparing audio files,Ryan Patrick MaguireIn "moDernisT_v1", his work gives you a clear understanding of the audio that is lost when converted to MP3. This work,Suzanne VegaThe famous song "Toms Diner" is converted to MP3 and it is made by adding some processing to the voice lost at that time.

If you compare it with the original song, you can recognize what kind of sound is lost, but it is very surprising that such sound is actually lost.

WAV file is recommended if you make a record

Well then, MP3Dove plateWhat happens if I record it on When I tried cutting using MP3 and WAV, the difference between listening to the audio file and the test was not clear, but the record was clear.

The MP3 recorded record has a flat, flat sound quality. On the other hand, a record containing WAV creates an analog-specific strength that results in a three-dimensional sound that can not be obtained with audio files. The depth is born to the sound, so there is no sense of incongruity with digital, and I feel comfortable listening.

CUT & REC supports not only WAV but also compressed file M4a, MP4 and MP3 submissions to meet a wide range of needs. However, the difference is as described. If you want to record the original music, it is recommended to submit it as a WAV file as much as possible.

Also, even with the same WAV file, the sound quality of the record changes due to the difference in format such as sample rate and bit depth. For changes in sound quality due to differences in format, see soundrope'sHow does the sound quality of the record change due to the difference in the format of the master sound source?In the article, "in detail. I think it is important information that you can use for good quality record production, so please check it there.


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