We introduce reproduction confirmation work of doub plate to deliver

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CUT & REC'sDove plateIn the service, we carefully check the playback before delivering the record, and confirm that there are no problems before shipping the product. Here, we will introduce what kind of playback environment CUT & REC is using to check the playback of the record.

Reproduction confirmation with reproduction needle of a standard record player and a long-established maker

For the record player, we use "Technics SL-1200 MK5" of the standard SL-1200 series that has been used by many people since the release in the 70's. For the reproduction needle, we use "ortofon 2M Red", which is positioned as an entry model of the well-established record needle specialist manufacturer ortofon, to confirm reproduction in cutting the record.

Technics SL-1200 MK5

At the beginning of the CUT & REC service, in order to adjust the sound quality, we used the MC type “ortofon MC Q5” with a wide frequency range to repeat playback confirmation and cutting, and made our own sound.

After confirming the sound quality adjustment, I used "SHURE M44G" which can be regarded as a staple of the MM type needle with a large output to check distortion and needle jump, but as the reproduction confirmation, the production was completed last year Because it has become, I introduced "ortofon 2M Red" which I am using now. It is an affordable type of ortofon product, but it has a good balance of sound, and it is very useful in the work because it can accurately grasp problems such as distortion and needle jump.

ortofon 2M Red

Verification work considering deterioration of groove of record

Records are different from audio files and CDs, so if you don't actually cut them, you won't know what it sounds like. For this reason, test cutting is performed in advance to adjust the sound to be recorded, but it is important to check the presence of distortion and needle fly as well as this work.

The final play confirmation is performed on the record after production cutting, but in order to deliver the record with the freshest groove condition as much as possible, the play needle can not be placed many times. Therefore, I record the sound of the record just after cutting, and perform the detailed confirmation work using the audio file. This minimizes the deterioration of the groove of the delivered records.

DAW "Studio One 4" used for cutting

About record playback in all-in-one type

The all-in-one type of record player, which is an entry model, has the property of being easy to fly needles because the tone arm is simple to make. It seems that there are cases in which a record on the market may fly, but the risk is the same with the dubplate.

CUT & REC does not recommend playing back records in the all-in-one type, but is adjusting the cutting so that all-in-one types can be played safely. In the future, we will continue to improve the reproduction confirmation environment and improve the technology, and we would like to deliver a dubplate that many people can enjoy.


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